Lake Doster Lake Association

The LDLA is dedicated to preserving the natural beauty and quality of Lake Doster, a spring-fed lake in southwest, lower Michigan. 

Lake Doster is a private lake owned by the LDLA’s 267 Member property owners.  It's swimming beach and playground are also open to the greater Lake Doster Community, those who are members of the Lake Doster Homeowner’s Association and have secured a membership for such use.

Our Lake Doster is home to a close community of neighbors.  Lake Doster’s pristine beauty is enjoyed by its membership owners as well as a wide variety of wildlife.  Great blue herons, sand-hill cranes, swans, and other native birds are found along Lake Doster’s shore.  Large-mouth bass, blue-gill, perch, crappies, and northern pike are among the plentiful bounty of fish found within its waters.


Surface Area . . . . .142 Acres (+/- an Acre) according to Wightman Jones, Inc. 2006.survey.

Maximum Depth  . .  20 Feet

Mean Depth . . . . .. . ~8.1 Feet

Lake Volume  . . . ~1,020  Acre-Feet

Shoreline Length . . . 4.7 Miles